Ballet Life Ambassadors 2020

My Name is Annabelle Liew Ern Yi. I’m 10 years old.

I started ballet when I was 5 years old.  I began my ballet training in both RAD & CSTD syllabus with Tutu Toe Dance Academy. 

In year 2018, I had pursued a six months course of Vaganova method training with Asia Ballet Academy.

I participated my very first ballet competition in year 2016.  Same year, I was awarded my 1st Gold Trophy in the CSTD Ballet Summer School.

As years go by, I have participated in various International and local ballet competitions such as CSTD, SCDIBC, TGPYS, GTB, AGP, MIBGP and be able to meet many fantastic talents from around the world.  It helped me to gain a lot of priceless experiences.

Besides competitions, I have also given opportunities to perform in many events such as The Story Book Opening, Christmas event, The Vine, and one of the most memorable one was my participation in The Fairy Doll Production 2018 and I was playing a role of the second soloist as a Music Box Doll at Istana Budaya Negara.  It really helped me to gain a lot more confidence and interest in pursuing my dream in Ballet.

With endless passion, hardwork and effort, I have achieved and been awarded with numerous honorary awards from various International and local Competitions.

I am Hafeezah Hawa, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am 12 years old. Student of BISKL (British International School Kuala Lumpur) in Year 8. I have been enjoying ballet and rhythmic gymnastics since I was 5 and 7 years old respectively. I have recently focused more on Ballet (RAD, ISTD & Vaganova) and Dance (CSTD -Modern Jazz & Contemporary). I am an active member of 3 schools of Dance and Ballet in Kuala Lumpur (Amare Dance Academy, Asia Ballet Academy and Dancelink Performing Arts) and currently training 22 hours a week, some as individual with private teacher and some as groups.

I am highly motivated to work on my ballet and dance, with a strong desire to progress to learn and turn professional in one of these areas. My desires are to move internationally to one of the best academies in the world and am putting in the effort to make this happen. 

I find Ballet and Dance inspiring and allowing me to express my artistic talent and ability to the fullest and plan to continue to develop my skills with all my energy. Dance has always been part of me. I love to dance.

My name is Chia Izelle and  I am 10 years old ballerina. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am truly honoured to be selected as one of the BALLET LIFE AMBASSADOR. Currently, I am attending Intermediate Foundation with The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.

In the year of 2020 due to Covid 19 Pandemic,  most of the ballet competitions around  the world have been postponed or cancelled, and some competition has changed to Online Virtual Competition instead.

In the month of Oct 2020, I am glad that I have joined the Star of Canaan Dance Online  Ballet Competition. I have been awarded 7th place for PA2 category and received a 2weeks full summer intensive scholarship from Ballet Centre of Fort Worth.

In the year of 2019, it has been a wonderful and  an awesome year to me.  I was so grateful & thankful to be awarded as  Champion in 4th Malaysian International Ballet Grand Prix (MIBGP) Primary 1 Ballet Solo Category on 7th of Dec 2019. 

 Born and raised in Malaysia, Jaime Teoh started her professional training at Asia Ballet Academy. Over the years, she has participated in many international and local ballet competitions and has been awarded numerous honorary awards such as 1st soloist in The Fairy Doll, a joint production by Asia Ballet Academy and Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, principal dancer in Don Quixote by Asia Ballet Academy and 1st place in Canaan Hong Kong. Besides this, she has been awarded numerous scholarships to the following: The Harid Conservatory, Universal Ballet,  Cheng Ballet Academy in Singapore, Soki ballet school, Vladimir's Issaev School of Classical ballet, Hong Kong International Youth Dance Festival, Asia Ballet Academy Summer Intensive, Indonesian Intensive Ballet Training in Marlupi Dance Academy, Ballet Fort Worth Summer Intensive Classes, The Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive 2020 as well as an invitation to compete in the Japan Ballet Competition Grand Championships.
Hi, I'm Koay Yun Qian from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm 8 years old and currently studying in primary 2. I have started to learn ballet since almost 4 years ago in Tutu Toe Dance Academy. I love classical ballet, contemporary and lyrical dance.

I have joined various of local and international competitions throughout this few years and won some prizes and scholarships. The proudest achievement was when I represent Malaysia to compete with dancers from all around the world in Get The Beat World Final 2019. I'm the Champion for lyrical dance and Top 10 for the Champion of Champions category.

Recently, I have joined an online competition organized by Miami International Ballet Competition 2020. I have won 3rd place in division 1 and surprisingly I'm the youngest dancer for the competition. I always believed that work hard beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!

I am so proud to be selected as one of the Ballet Life Ambassador 2020 and looking forward to join all the events in Malaysia!



Hi ,my name is kyra wong xin yue. kyra for short. i was born on 18th october 2006 in selangor, malaysia,which makes me 14 this year. i started doing ballet since i was 5 as an after school activity but wasn’t very interested, therefore i started learning rhythmic gymnastics when i was 7. i still did both concurrently and enjoyed both but stopped gymnastics when i was 13 to learn ballet professionally at asia ballet academy, participating in various productions , competitions and programmes along the way. personally, both sports helped me grow and progress as a person in many different ways and i appreciate all the people whether they’ve helped or criticised me. when i’m not dancing or practicing in the studio, i like to watch korean and chinese dramas. overall, i’m very thankful to be one of ballet life’s chosen ambassadors and would like to give my warm thanks to everyone .


hi my name is lim ern qi and i am 14 years old this year. I am from malaysia.  I have been doing ballet since I was only 6 years old, making me a ballerina for approximately 8 years. I am currently learning ballet professionally at asia ballet academy. I have joined asia ballet academy since i was 12 years old when i first attended the fairy doll production in year 2018. After that , i also attended the Don Quixote production, Young Dancer Programme, many other performances and competitions. Before i decided to focus on ballet, I learned latin and rhythmic gymnastics. Latin and gymnastics really helped me in countless ways like making me more confident and discipline. However, I was always the most passionate about ballet and finally decided to quit both latin and gymnastics to really focus and dedicate all of my time to do ballet. Overall, i am extremely thankful for ballet as it made me who i am today. Lastly, I wholeheartedly thank Ballet Life for choosing me as their ambassador. Thank you.


Dream Big, Work Hard, Make it happen. My name is Robey Lim Jing Tung and I am 16 years old this year currently attending dance classes at Asia Ballet Academy. I have started dancing since I was 3 and have been dancing ever since. My favourite genre of dance is definitely ballet but I love contemporary too! I love the fact that you can express your feelings through dance and the feeling of being free when you dance. In my opinion, dance is a language beyond words, it is so powerful that you can communicate through movements and expressing your inner self.

          Besides dancing, I enjoy baking too! Recently, I have just started a small business called RandRcorner to sell some of my homemade desserts. I also enjoy filming, singing, film editing and photography.

          One quote that I live for is "Be the hardest working person you know" as they say you get what you work for not what you wish for. This saying has helped me numerous times especially during my toughest moments. It is what kept me motivated to work harder to be a better version of myself and to always DREAM BIG.